Himark's Sparkling Blue Ocean NA NAJ

Ocean is doing excellent in agility. He was our 1st Himark dog to go to Puerto Rico.  He is shown and loved by Miosotis.


Himark Rembrandts Pirouette  RE PT OAJ NA

Dawn and Faolan are having a great time. They are doing a remarkable job in many different rings.

Himarks Return to My Heart  CGC, RN, NA, NJWW

From Bravo and Cameo
Beryl and Skye are having a great time doing agility. They are a great team.


Himark's American Idol AXJ AX

Troy is a lot of fun . He loves to please you and has moved up quickly in agility.

Himark's Carbon Copy of Jackson UD AX AXJ VER

Trapper got his titles in 3 shows each. He placed most of the time. Trapper is a happy, fun dog to show. Trapper has a great time no matter what he does. He always has a lot of fun.

Himark’s Cutting Edge, CD, RA, NJP

Lexie is a Tess/Jackson daughter.  Lexie is a sweet bi-black girl that loves people and other animals.  She has high drive and loves to show as well as play with anyone that is looking to have a good time.  She has placed 1st in Obedience, Agility and Rally with high scores and continues to excel at the trails.  Lexie lives with Patty Prue in Mansfield, TN

Himark’s Touched By An Angel CD, OAP, OJP, CGC

Tess is a very sweet girl, she loves people and loves showing and when she does conformation, she turns into a nonstop showgirl. She also loves agility and obedience, but she also loves being my couch potato and snuggling, and giving kisses.

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