Dazzle's at the Rainbow Bridge 

Fiego Night Mist of Himark CDX

We were blessed to have Dazzle for 15 & 1/2 years. She died in Dave's arms as he carried her outside. Now that she is gone, it feels as though a sword has pierced our hearts. We have lost our very special friend and the grief we feel is beyond belief.

We still remember when  Dazzle was a puppy. We had never seen anything as beautiful as she was. She had sparkling eyes and a personality to match. Dazzle loved to retrieve and even as she aged she would love to play fetch. Dazzle had a great sense of humor. She would often make us laugh at the silly things she liked to do. Dazzle gave us Blueberry who was one of the top obedience dogs in the country for many years. She also left us her grandson Dealer and many other dogs that people across the country are enjoying.

Go swiftly to the rainbow bridge, my love, 
where you can be healthy again.

Our precious Himark dogs that went before you, 
will help you to be free and young again.

Be happy, sweet princess till we meet again. 


Ch Lochlyn's Calvin Klein

At 16 years of age, sadly, our bi-black champion, Ch Lochlyn's Calvin Klein, was laid to rest. Calvin was a very special dog. He brought us more happiness than I can ever express. Sweet, gentle, loving and happy is the best way to describe him. Our hearts ache here as we know we will never have this fun, beautiful dog bringing joy and laughter into our lives again.

CH UKC-CH UKC-AG1 Himark's Standing Ovation CD

We were lucky to have this perfect dog. Our hearts have a huge vacancy since we lost this very special friend. Bravo left a legacy of many perfect children behind.
 A gentlemanly fellow with heart of gold,
He knew it was time to leave,
Yet he fought the good fight as long as he could,
For he knew those he loved would be bereaved.
His life had been full, a champion he,
Beloved by all that he met.
A handsome fellow, beloved by all,
Not at all a lad to forget.
His kids did him proud, both handsome and quick,
A legacy to make any fellow proud,
And he knew they'd take over where he had left off,
And go just as far as allowed.
Yet it sorrowed him some, to be going away.
He worried about those left below,
But the angel had come and was waiting for him,
So sadly, he barked, "Let us go."
Sweet Bravo stood tall ,his head held high,
His legs were much stronger he found,
Once again, to a challenge, he rose.
He knew to the Bridge he was bound.
The joys that lie beyond this world,
Where puppies with angels play,
And near the Bridge they wait for us,
Awaiting that fair day,
When they'll be reunited with those they love,
And enter at Heaven's Gate,
Never to be apart again,
No more they'll have to wait.
Dear Bravo in your Home on High,
Watch over those left behind,
Let Judy and Dave feel your love,
And in this some comfort find.
In Memory of MiLady's Grandsire
PJD 1-26-11

 OTCH Himark's Forever in Blue Genes UDX 13 NA NAJ


Blueberry got her Obedience championship  at a very young age. Her goal in life was to please everyone she met. She was successful.

Silver, white and black was she
Her beauty etched in my memory
A perfect friend in every way
A blessing to me everyday 
To the rainbow bridge she flew
Farewell to all she bid  ado
A broken heart is felt by all
We listen closely for her call
Be happy and young forever more
Till we meet again at Heaven's door


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