of Himark  UDX 24 MX MXJ

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The Amazing Show Career of Jack


Jackson died on July 20th at 14 1/2. He was special in every way. Jackson was the # 23 lifetime AKC obedience all-breed dog. He was one of the top obedience dogs in the country for many years. He is one of a small group of shelties to get both the OTCH and MACH titles. He has left a wonderful legacy. He has over 40 titled children and grandchildren including one that is a CH OTCH.  Most of all he was our dearest friend and always made you smile. Jackson left cherished paw prints deep in our hearts and we miss him terribly.

Thanks to Phyllis Donovan for the poem she wrote for Jackson.

All Himark dogs sat quietly,
Gazed Heavenward afar,
The sign they had to see,
From the Bridge, sweet Jackson's Star.
Suddenly a mummer rose,
As the Star began to glow:
They knew he'd reached the Bridge at last,
He'd known he had to go.
In sorrow he looked down at earth,
The home he had to leave,
And Judy whom he loved the most,
He knew her heart would grieve.
And then he looked about him,
Saw Angel and the rest.
"By golly, we'll have shows up here,
And I'll still be the best!"
Down on earth once more he looked,
Saw his Himark family,
His children, grandchildren and the rest,
And barked most happily!
"God made us all, my furry friends,
And loves us every day,
And also gave us Heaven,
So we can romp and play.



Hope was born with a cleft palate and some neurological problems. Despite all odds she lived for 8 wks. Although only 10 ounces at 8 wks old she filled the lives of many people with smiles and laughter. We miss you, sweet baby and will not forget the joy you brought to all who met you.


Player came to live with us when he was 1 1/2 yrs old. As soon as I saw Player I fell instantly in love. He was so full of life and could always make you smile. Player wanted nothing more in life than to please me. He far exceeded doing that. He became part of my soul. Player will remain a true champion both in the show ring, but especially in my heart.



Teddy  loved to sit on your lap and make you smile. Fourteen years was not enough to share with such an amazing dog.  Teddy produced  many wonderful children who went on to show in obedience and agility. He also gave many people loving pets. Our lives were deeply enriched from knowing this gentle soul. Until we see you again, run freely and happily.



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